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How two-way radios can improve your management!

Two-way radios are a proven solution improving your staff’s response time to your tenant and guest needs.  Your new Motorola system will minimize your communications costs while enhancing tenant and guest satisfaction.

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Why you should use two-way radios for your business.

Motorola Business Two Way Radio can be customized to the exact needs of a specific work environment to expand the capabilities of your property managers. The digital performance enables your staff to respond fast to tenant needs or emergencies. With Motorola’s digital radios, your building managers, maintenance technicians, ground keepers and security personnel can offer an immediate response. You can take advantage of many leading-edge operational features and will soon wonder how you ever managed your properties without them.

Whether you are responsible for managing an apartment, hotel, resort, golf course, condominium complex, office building or sports facility, Motorola has a two-way package that will help you:

Digital one-to-one calling allows your team to call and talk privately on your license free or site licensed communications network. Motorola two way walkie talkies for business use will help reduce the need for channel hopping and will provide added security for private group or public group conversations. The call forwarding to other radio IDs allows you to notify others that you are currently unavailable and will let them speak with someone else for assistance. Your transmitting radio unit’s name will be retrieved from the group’s contact list and displayed on the receiving unit’s screen.

Property Owners, Property Managers, Operations, Purchasing Managers, Security Managers, Telecom Managers, Property Maintenance, Housekeeping, Facility Managers, Association Managers

Property Owners, Developers, Building and Property Managers, Building Supervisors, Property Consultants, Site Engineers, Security Guards, Premises Supervisors, Monitoring Personnel, Night Patrolmen, Physical Access Guards, Property Maintenance Personnel, Real Estate Manger

Find out how two-way radios can help you manage your property

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