How two-way radios can increase your practice!

Two-way radios help medical professionals coordinate better patient care and improve productivity at doctor’s and dentists offices, plus nursing care facilities. 

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Why you should use two-way radios in health care facilities

Enhancing patient treatment requires many levels of interactions and coordination among healthcare staff. Implementing push-to-talk communications with Motorola Solutions two-way radios has been proven to streamline your procedures with discreet and efficient communications. Two-way radios are effective in doctor & dentist offices, nursing homes & assisted living facilities.

Insurance Companies have reduced your profitability and forced you to increase patient counts. Time and resource management are key to ensuring your daily business objectives are met during normal office hours. Motorola Solutions two-way radios are the only product you can utilize for instant communication without having to stop what you’re doing.

2 Way Radio Direct has provided thousands of doctor and dental offices with communication systems and walkie talkies. We understand the needs of your business and are happy to share others successful two-way radio programs with you. Give us a call today to learn more about how Motorola Solutions two-way radios can positively impact your practice. 

A typical practice will purchase 6 Motorola Solutions two-way radios, 6 headsets, and a multi-unit charging station. There are a variety of headsets available to accommodate most customer demands. We suggest multi-channel radios when there are multiple doctors, dentists, nurses & office staff working in the same facility.  

Find out how two-way radios can help your Medical Practice

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