How two-way radios can help your jobsite

You can improve the communications between management to foremen, subcontractors and individual trades people using Motorola Solutions’ two-way radios. Improve jobsite safety & efficiency!

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Why contractors should use two-way radios

Are you responsible for keeping a construction project on track? You can improve the communications between management to foremen, subcontractors and individual trades people by installing a Motorola Solutions’ digital One-to-One or One-to-Many calling group. While on the same channel our construction site radios can transmit radio-like communications to your entire team or you can choose to program your two-way radios for a more private conversation to a specific group or any member of a group.

Commercial two-way radios with individual unit identification can be set to call forwarding to another radio ID within your groups. A contractor or construction foreman can notify other team members as to when they are unavailable and can allow them to speak with another supervisor for assistance. Each individual construction two-way radio will display the ID of the digital radio making the call. The receiving radio will retrieve the transmitting unit’s name from its list of contacts and display the information to the screen of the receiving unit.

With over 75 years of innovation and engineering expertise, Motorola Solutions means business when it comes to digital two-way radios. As a contractor, you will know that your communications units can be customized to the exact needs of any specific work environment or job responsibility:

Because of the advanced digital technology found in the Motorola Solutions’ series of digital two-way radios, each has its own unique multiple-digit identification. This means that your construction groups will get a new level of radio communication versatility with a host of calling options. Unlike using analogue radios, multiple group communications can occur simultaneously on the same channel using a Motorola Solutions’ digital radio with the security to ensure whatever privacy level you need.

Motorola Solutions’ digital two-way radios for construction sites make it easy to keep your construction projects on schedule. As a contractor you will appreciate the convenient features and clear reception found in every Motorola system. Our two-way construction radios can help your team from management to foremen, foremen to subcontractors, sub-contractor to individual tradespersons to avoid errors, meet deadlines and keep costs on budget.

Two-way radios are ideal for:

Commercial Contractors, Residential Developers, Specialty Trade Contractors, Project Site Managers, General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, HVAC Contractors, Civil Engineers, Job Foremen, Plumbing Contractors, Residential Contractors, Construction Site Managers

Foremen, Job Supervisors, Site Managers, Electricians, Utility Installers, Site Surveyors, Architects, Plumbers, Flaggers, Engineers, Trade Laborers, Loaders, Roofers, Painters, HVAC Installers, Security Installers, Landscapers

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